Bioly 27% delegate pool

Since 2019 I close my personal pool and will be sharing 20% + gdt bonus 600lsk monthly via gdtpool.

All the pending balances above 1 lsk were paid 31 December, above 0.1 were paid 27 January. Rewards below 0.1lsk treshold will be hold till dynamic fees.

In case of any question don't hesitate drop me DM! Thank you for voting!

You can check here your stats for my personal pool for 27 January 2019. To check GDT pool please visit our website

To get max rewards from my pool and gdtpool you should achieve gold voter status at gdtpool .

1. Remember to vote "bioly" delegate not "bioly_pool"!

2. Payouts are made every weekend together with gdtpool.

3. Minimal amount to withdraw: 1 LSK.

You can also check basic API for pool, examples:

Statistic for account: /api/pool/stats/7984234674117396356L

Payouts history for account: /api/pool/history/7984234674117396356L

All pending balances: /api/pool/pending

Total pool payout: 51453.62099311

Total payout for :

Pending balance for :

Address Date Transaction ID Amount