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Lisk Testnet Node

I support Lisk developers in maintain a test network. The test network is also a place for all beginners, where they can test all Lisk functions

Lisk Node

I maintain publicly avalaible Lisk node with SSL protection. Despite the best efforts, I can't guarantee 100% security, so using at your own risk.


I provide Lisk software translations for Polish community. I translated official Lisk Client and Mobile Wallet

Latest News

Lisk Lite Wallet

4 days ago fixcrypt released beta Lisk Lite client, it is multiplatform Lisk wallet. You don’t have to download the entire blockchain, simple install and use. ATTENTION! This is beta, […]


My name is Rafał. I live in Poland and I study IT. I enjoy cryptocurrenciy technology, since 2014 I have been writing blog about bitcoin and other crypto. Besides this, […]

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