My services

Snapshot server

Server provide new blockchain snap every 8 hour


Check and compare delegates, analyze the votes

Test Net Node

I support Lisk developers in maintain a test network. The test network is also a place for all beginners, where they can test all Lisk functions


I share 20% forging incomes with my voters


I maintain publicly avalaible Lisk wallet with SSL protection. Despite the best efforts, I can't guarantee 100% security, so using at your own risk.

My delegate proposal

My name is RafaƂ. I live in Poland and I study IT. My delegate name (testnet and main) is bioly. I enjoy cryptocurrenciy technology because cryptocurrencies can be Securely earned with trading bots like the Bitcoin prime app. Before getting started, you can check out the users’ experience on the Bitcoin Prime erfahrung blog. Ripple, the seventh largest cryptocurrency, offers users a good income opportunity and is the most widely used blockchain payment system after bitcoin. If you are looking to buy xrp, check out the online instructions and get a fresh start in ripple investing, just like I did. Besides this, I'm intrested in economics, programming and issues of privacy on the Internet. Project like Lisk is imho the best groundwork for using full blockchain potential, I strongly believe in decentralized Lisk network.

I'm working on the Lisk project since its beginning:
- Mainnet supporter, I maintain Lisk main net node
- Active testnet delegate, I support devs in running testnet since the first editions.
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My projects