My services

Snapshot server

Server provide new blockchain snap every 8 hour


Check and compare delegates, analyze the votes

Test Net Node

I support Lisk developers in maintain a test network. The test network is also a place for all beginners, where they can test all Lisk functions


I share 20% forging incomes with my voters


I maintain publicly avalaible Lisk wallet with SSL protection. Despite the best efforts, I can't guarantee 100% security, so using at your own risk.

My delegate proposal

My name is RafaƂ. I live in Poland and I study IT. My delegate name (testnet and main) is bioly. I enjoy cryptocurrenciy technology. Besides this, I'm intrested in economics, programming and issues of privacy on the Internet. Project like Lisk is imho the best groundwork for using full blockchain potential, I strongly believe in decentralized Lisk network.

I'm working on the Lisk project since its beginning:
- Mainnet supporter, I maintain Lisk main net node
- Active testnet delegate, I support devs in running testnet since the first editions.
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My projects