Bioly delegate proposal

My name is Rafał. I live in Poland and I study IT. My delegate name (testnet and main) is bioly.

I enjoy cryptocurrenciy technology, in 2014-2016 I have been writing blog about bitcoin and other crypto. Now I suspend them to be able to focus 100% on Lisk project. Project like Lisk is imho the best groundwork for using full blockchain potential, I strongly believe in decentralized Lisk network. I’m active member of Polish cryptocurrency community.

Besides crypto, I’m intrested in economics, programming and issues of privacy on the Internet.

I’m working on the Lisk project since its beginning:
– Mainnet supporter, I maintain Lisk main net node
– Active testnet delegate, I support devs in running testnet since the first editions.
– Polish translations, I translated official Lisk client and mobile wallet, more soon
– GDT member, I’m proud member of Global Delegate Team (GDT)
Support Lisk ecosystem project, I funded fixcrypt Lisk Desktop Lite Client,
Support newbies
Promote Lisk in Polish internet, eg. local Bitcoin forum

My servers specification:
Server1 – mainnet
Network 1Gbit/sec
Location: Poland

Server2  – mainnet
CPU Intel E3 1231v3 4×3.4 GHz
Network 100 Mbit/sec
Location: Poland

Server3 – mainnet
CPU 2 vCores
Network 100 Mbit/sec
Location: France

Server4 – testnet
CPU 1 vCores
Network 100 Mbit/sec
Location: France

I have a domain, under which I have my mainnet nodes and few services:
Blog [EN/PL] –
Faucet –
Explorer –
Mainnet wallet –
Testnet node-

Plan for distribution forged funds:
20% – Share with voters
30% – Voting weight, long term investment.
5% – Funding Lisk ecosystem: Blockchain apps, projects etc.
15% – All technical expenses: servers, domain, ssl and others unexpected expenses.
30% – My profit, from which I will maintain all my services, improve them, help newbies, promote Lisk etc.

Image ImageImage

I’m glad to be a part of lisk community. Thanks for your time! Hope you will vote me to help build great, secure, decentralized Lisk future!